Remembering Art Loux


6 thoughts on “Remembering Art Loux

  1. Rick Mundy

    Thank you for your posting. I was not aware of Art’s passing. I had the pleasure of visiting him at his home many years ago when I was working on my doctoral dissertation. Art was, as you described, an incredibly knowledgable and generous man. It was a pleasure to know that he lived just a few miles away, but I somehow never made it back for a second visit. So sad that page has turned. He will be missed.
    Rick Mundy

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  3. Art also went out of his way in sending me information and photos for my book, Knights of the Golden Circle: Secret Empire, Southern Secession, Civil War, that among other things traces Booth’s involvement in the KGC. His generosity is legendary and he will be sorely missed. I can’t wait to get his Booth: Day-By-Day book that I’ve seen at the James O. Hall Library of the Surratt Society and marveled at its comprehensiveness.
    Dave Keehn

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