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Isn’t It Romantic

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day has been filled with lots of love and chocolate.

The post originally set for publication today was the next installment in the Grave Thursday series. However, the included stories were tales of insanity and suicide and who wants to read about death on Valentine’s Day? (Answer: Al Capone). But stick around for next Thursday when we resume our regularly scheduled madness.

In the spirit of all things romantic, we are spending this Valentine’s Day with Edwina Booth and Ignatius Grossman.

Edwina Booth, daughter of Edwin Booth and Mary Devlin, married Ignatius Grossman on May 16, 1885. They remained wedded for 35 years, parted only by the death of Ignatius in 1920. The marriage also produced two children, Mildred and Clarence (who changed his name to Edwin).

Throughout their life together, Ignatius wrote love letters and poems to “my darling beloved wife,” Edwina. Many still exist today and are housed in the New York Public Library.

To honor this Valentine’s Day, let us enjoy a selection of these works from the hand and heart of Ignatius Grossman.

(Also, if you’re still in need of a gift for that special someone in your life, poems make great presents. You’re welcome.)


“If but one moments’ joy of your motherhood were run into sound, endless sunshine would circle the earth around.”

“I see a maiden fair to see, sweet and slender, true at heart. Eyes of blue as the summer sea, a witching smile that knows no art. This was she, my own dear wife, this is you and e’er shall be, for true heart, like time, knows no change, but is eternal as is our life. Thus speaks your lover, as he spoke then, though twenty years have flown by. This heart beats as true as when he was so blessed by Him on high. Your own true husband.”

“To my beloved wife of this 16th of May, the 30th of my happy wedded life: Happy days of May have been my lot – three times ten – my love, for a truer mate no man has seen, on Earth below or Heaven above – Your ever loving husband.”



The photos of Edwina, Ignatius, Mildred and Clarence/Edwin are courtesy of Carolyn Mitchell. Thank you.

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