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BoothieBarn Live on Fox 5!

This morning at 7:30 am EST, I was interviewed along with Tim Morgan, the Chief of Tourism and Special Events for Charles County, MD, about the escape and death of John Wilkes Booth on Fox 5 in D.C. It was my first time on live television and definitely an exciting experience for me. Here’s a capture of the interview:

UPDATE: Fox 5 has put up a much better version of the interview on their website.  Watch it here:

Admittedly, I made a couple slip ups during the interview. I caught myself after accidentally saying that Dr. Mudd broke John Wilkes Booth’s leg rather than setting Booth’s broken leg. I also gave the wrong weekend for the upcoming Symposium at Tudor Hall. That symposium is taking place on May 9th and you should all sign up for it today!

Well, I’m off to Port Royal now. At 2:00 pm we are having an unveiling ceremony at the Port Royal Museum of American History. We will be unveiling the new highway marker that has been placed near the site of John Wilkes Booth’s death, 150 years ago today. Keep an eye on my Twitter for details.

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A Victorian Christmas at the Dr. Mudd House Museum

For one weekend every December, the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House Museum in Waldorf, MD reopens out of season in order to present, “A Victorian Christmas”.  A devoted team of volunteers work hard to elegantly festoon the house and grounds with Christmas decor. During the event, costumed docents fill each room of the house eager to discuss not only Dr. Mudd and his involvement with John Wilkes Booth, but also the Christmas customs and traditions of years past. The event is highlighted with Civil War reenactors, music, and a visit from Santa Claus.

Mudd Victorian Xmas 1

Though I have been living in Maryland for three Christmases now, this year marked the first time I was able to attend this special event. The following are some of the pictures I took of my visit today.

Mudd Victorian Xmas 4

Mudd Victorian Xmas 9

Mudd Victorian Xmas 8

Mudd Victorian Xmas 7

Mudd Victorian Xmas 3

Mudd Victorian Xmas 2

Mudd Victorian Xmas 5

Mudd Victorian Xmas 6

Sadly, St. Nick was not present during my time at the house otherwise I would have been sure to photograph him. I did, however, use the festive opportunity to purchase a much needed item from the museum’s gift shop: a Dr. Mudd House ornament.

Mudd Victorian Xmas 10 As you can see, the ornament looks great on my Christmas tree hanging right next to my ornaments of John Wilkes Booth and the Surratt House Museum.

For those of you who live in the area, “A Victorian Christmas” will also take place at the Dr. Mudd House Museum tomorrow, December 7, 2014 from 11 am to 8 pm.  Admission is $8.  If you can’t make it this year, be sure to keep an eye out for this annual event next December.

Since the Mudd house has effectively put me in the holiday mood, it seems fitting to close this post with another one of my Boothie Christmas carols.  This revised rendition is entitled “Little Doctor Mudd” and it is sung to the tune of “Little Drummer Boy”.  Enjoy!


Little Doctor Mudd
As sung to, “Little Drummer Boy”

“Come”, Dave told me,
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
“An injured John to see.”
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
“My horse, it fell on me,”
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
“As I was trying to flee.”
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd, Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd, Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd.
On my couch went he,
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
Down with a thud.

“We must make do.”
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
“This splint will see you through.”
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
“The troops will soon pursue.”
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
“I dare not harbor you.”
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd, Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd, Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
“We are joined, we two, Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd”
“In cold blood.”

When they left here,
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
Our story we made clear.
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
Our lies and truths cohere.
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
I knew we’d persevere.
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd, Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd, Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd

But, I had one fear.
Mudd Mudd-Mudd-Mudd Mudd
“Here’s a boot.”

(You can read some of my previous Boothie carols by clicking here, here, here, and here.)

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