Found on Booth

When John Wilkes Booth was cornered by federal troops in the Garrett’s barn near Port Royal, VA, he carried with him several items. These include his diary, his weapons, his compass, and his paper items. In addition to the ones pictured, Booth also had several items that have been lost to history such as his diamond stick pin, a handkerchief, wood shavings, and between $45 and $75 dollars in greenbacks. There are also a set of keys, a map of the southern states, and a whistle attributed to Booth in the collection of the Ford’s Theatre museum, but their provenance is debatable (at least by this author).

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16 thoughts on “Found on Booth

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  2. Dave, your blog just keeps getting better and more essential. These images you’ve been posting are stunning and wonderfully presented. Thanks!

    • Herb Swingle

      These pieces of history make”History” come alive! Especially when you are a visual learner! Tremendous Work!

  3. Richard Sloan

    With your great research skills, how about trying to find out what happened to Booth’s note to Stuart that was used as evidence in the John Surratt trial? It’s hard to believe it was destroyed. My guess is that it was simply misfiled, or pilfered. If the latter, it is conceivable that it was subsequently lost. Let’s hope it’s still in some old War Dept. file. Does anyone else — who has the time — care to take up the search? (If found in private hands, it’s really the property of the government. That may be why its whereabouts — if in private hands — is unknown.) We have some great researchers out there, like Betty Ownsbey and Mike Kauffman. (I bet Mike already looked for it years ago!)

    • According to JOH in “On the Way to Garrett’s barn”, both the scrapped note found in a pocket of Booth’s diary (the $5 one) and the one recovered by Baker from Dr. Stuart (the $2.50 one) were present at John Surratt’s trial. They disappeared after that. I agree that it is extremely likely they are merely misfiled somewhere. I’ll try to look into it, but no promises.

  4. Jim Garret

    Good knife pictures

  5. Rich smyth

    Hi Dave, I know that the keys, labeled as having been found on Booth’s body at Fords, may in fact have been found on Herold. Is that the case with the whistle?

    • Rich,

      I believe the keys were taken from Davy’s house by investigators and were not on either of the two men. The whistle is a mystery to me too as I can’t find any record from soldiers at the Garretts that mention it.

  6. Rich smyth

    Thanks Dave. Is there evidence that they were found at Herold’s house? I don’t even remember reading that his house was searched.

  7. Rich smyth

    Thanks for clarifying the issue of the keys!

  8. Richard Sloan

    A stick pin was reportedly found on Booth, too. One of the old photos of the Booth relics in the War Dept. shows it. I think that picture appears in Hanchett’s article in a history magazine about the Booth diary pages. I think it was also mentioned by Izola Forrester in her book, “This One Mad Act.” I’d like to see a clearer photo of it, and, of course, I wonder what happ’d to it! I bet someone walked off with it! MAybe Richard Smyth will be dealing with this in his upcoming book about the assassination – related relics!

    • Richard,

      I have never seen a picture of the stick pin. If you find it, let me know as I’d be very interested in seeing it.

      Also I have not changed the font size on the blog, so I’m guessing the problem is with your settings.

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  10. Jonathan Winter

    Dear Sir,

    Could you provide me with the dimensions of the Bills of Exchange found on Booth?

    Many thanks.

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