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When this blog first started in March of 2012, it was little more than a shelf on which I could put the small research oddities and tidbits of information I came across. I was still new to the Lincoln assassination field and unsure whether this hobby would turn into anything constructive. Since that time, the community around this site has grown far beyond what I ever expected. As my followers have grown, I have worked hard to provide new and varied content all with the aim of educating others about the events surrounding Lincoln’s assassination. I am very proud at what I have accomplished here on BoothieBarn and, particularly, in the growing scholarship behind the posts I produce.

I am, first and foremost, a teacher and that is why BoothieBarn is, and always will be, an educational resource open to all. As an elementary school teacher, I feel there is no higher calling than using your talents to educate others. As I tell my students, everyone has the capacity of enriching the world around them by sharing their unique knowledge and abilities with others. I research, write, and speak about the Lincoln assassination because I enjoy sharing my passion with others.

BoothieBarn is not a commercial entity. I make no money in writing or producing content for this site. I have no book deals nor do I make any money from advertisements (in fact, I actually pay to keep ads off of this site). In addition, the majority of the speaking engagements Kate and I are asked to do are unpaid. This website, and the Lincoln assassination story in general, is a hobby for us and one that we enjoy, but there are some real costs associated with owning, maintaining, and producing content on BoothieBarn. In webhosting fees and research subscriptions alone, I spend over $400 a year. Even this is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of books and travel to historic sites and museums when researching new leads. This admission is not a complaint at all, but is merely meant to demonstrate that all we do here on BoothieBarn is a true labor of love.

With that being said, I have decided to launch a Patreon page for BoothieBarn. Patreon is an online system that allows individuals to provide some financial support for the work being done by their favorite creators. The website operates a bit like those infomercials you see on TV where you make a pledge to donate a certain amount each month. You choose whatever amount you would like to give and, once a month, Patreon will charge your credit card that amount and give it to your chosen creator.

My reason for joining Patreon is the hope that some of you might consider becoming a patron of BoothieBarn and help provide some financial support towards the work that we do. Your pledge would help to offset the costs associated with owning BoothieBarn and conducting research for it. A pledge of any amount would truly help to lift some of the financial burden that creating content for this site entails (especially from the shoulders of a couple of newlyweds on a teacher’s salary). I am not expecting that we will ever be able to break even regarding the costs of our work, but every little bit makes an impact.

Those of you who chose to become a patron will not only have our deepest thanks, but also access to some patron-only material on our Patreon page. From time to time I will be adding images and short descriptions of some of the Lincoln assassination artifacts that we have seen in our travels. I’m calling this section “The Vault”, and we already have a few entries ready to go in the “Posts” section of the Patreon page. A recurring pledge of any amount grants you ongoing access to The Vault and the treasures inside. It’s our way of thanking you for your support.

I hope that you will consider becoming a patron of BoothieBarn and help us continue to provide thought provoking, educational material on Lincoln’s assassination. Please click the “Become a Patron” button below to be taken to our Patreon page to read our story. There you will find information on how the Patreon system works so that you can decide whether giving is something you feel you can do.

Even if you don’t have the means to contribute, I appreciate your continued support of our efforts here on BoothieBarn.


Dave Taylor

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8 thoughts on “Become a Patron of BoothieBarn

  1. Paul Hancq

    I am now a Patron! I had wondered how you do all that on a teacher’s salary. I really enjoy the great content that you put out to us and I am happy to help support it. Safe travels, Dave and Kate.

    • Paul,

      Thank you so much for becoming a patron! Kate and I really appreciate the fact that you enjoy the content here on BoothieBarn so much to support us. It truly means a lot to us, thank you.


  2. Guy Cory

    I would like to become a patron but I am not in favor of the, so much each month idea, I would like to make one contribution a year, Please tell me how to do this, Thanks

    Guy A. Cory

    • Guy,

      Thank you for your offer to become a patron. You can essentially do a one time donation by signing up for a pledge, and then cancelling your membership after that amount is billed (which is always on the first of the month). Here’s the Patreon help page about it:

      If you’d rather not use the Patreon system at all, I could send you my PayPal information which would allow you to donate that way. Either that or I could send you my mailing address if you would like mail a check. Unfortunately, you would not be able to access the patron only material in Patreon since your donation would be outside their system. If you’d prefer to go one of these ways, then just let me know.



      • Steve

        Does making a one-time pledge by cancelling Patreon membership after the first billing essentially remove the ability to access the Patreon-only material?

        • Steve,

          That is, unfortunately, correct. While you would have access to the patron only material between when you sign up and cancel, you would lose access after that. The only way Patreon knows you’re a patron is with an ongoing pledge.


  3. Lane Zangwill

    I wondered how you accumulate all your information and thought it was costly $ & money.would like to donate but not a fan of giving access to another creditor,having had issues, so prefer using PayPal . Send me your PayPal info(haven’t had problem there).keep up good work. Lane Zangwill

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