Meeting the Family of John T. Ford

Theatre owner John Thompson Ford worked hard to vindicate his convicted employee, Edman Spangler. In this post from the Ford’s Theatre Blog, Rae Davidson, the Corporate Relations Coordinator of Ford’s Theatre, relates a unique tour she gave to a group of John T. Ford’s descendants. Enjoy!


Photo of John T. Ford courtesy of Wikimedia. Photo of John T. Ford courtesy of Wikimedia.

As a development professional, I spend a lot of time speaking about the mission and impact of Ford’s Theatre Society, and I enjoy providing tours to our patrons and the chance to share our campus’ important history. My tour groups range greatly, from casual theatregoers to professional historians. But never in my time with Ford’s Theatre, have I provided a tour to anyone with such a personal relationship to the theatre as the Morrisons.

Mrs. Edith Morrison, the great-granddaughter of John T. Ford (the namesake and original owner of Ford’s Theatre), won a private tour of the theatre in a local charity auction, and invited her children and grandchildren to participate over the winter holidays. The Morrisons arrived a half hour early for their 5:00 p.m. tour on December 23, equipped to give me a history lesson of my own. Edith’s husband…

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2 thoughts on “Meeting the Family of John T. Ford

  1. Herb Swingle

    What a tremendous feeling it is,when you meet a historic family member.I once met Harriet Tubman’s great-grand daughter[through-Kate Larson in Auburn,NY] !

  2. Herb Swingle

    I also had a man in my class who shook hands with a man,who shook hands with Lincoln!

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