A Quick Tour of the Garrett site

Today, I attended a Garrett family reunion south of Richmond. I had a wonderful time chatting with the different family members about their ancestors and their run in with John Wilkes Booth. One relative even brought a picture of the Garrett house that I had not seen before and the handwritten will of one of the Garrett children, which were major pluses. On my way back home, I drove past the site of the old Garrett house in Caroline County. I decided to make a brief stop to check on the place. Then I took out my phone and made this short little video showing the spot in the median where the house once stood:

By the way, for those of you who plan on driving the escape route in the future, the cost to cross the Potomac River Bridge (AKA the Harry Nice Bridge) from Maryland into Virginia is being raised from $4 to $6 effective tomorrow. I need to make sure I put a couple more singles in my center console so I’m not turned away next time.

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5 thoughts on “A Quick Tour of the Garrett site

  1. Richard Sloan

    Were you able to take a picture of the Garrett descendant’s photo? Can you show all the known pics of the house on your site? You showed them in your presentation at the SUrratt Conf. in March. Can you make your fonts larger?

  2. George

    Well done!!!

  3. Richard

    Thanks, great post. I believe someday you will be leading the semi annual Surratt House escape tours. (First you must convince Ms. Verge you are up to the task)

  4. J. Beckert

    Very nice, Dave. Thanks

    • Thanks, Joe. As you know, the Garretts are a passion of mine. Every time I’m in Virginia I make it a point to check on the place.

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